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Car Accidents

The aftermath of a car accident can involve more than physical and emotional pain; it can be extremely stressful. Not knowing where to turn or how to fix the damage can be just as painful as your injuries. However, with the help of David Brauns and the Brauns Law team, your uncertainty can become your salvation. Click here to see how.

Truck Accidents
A truck accident can cause devastating injuries. And filing a claim against a trucking company that is responsible for the accident can be challenging. Brauns Law helps accident victims in Gwinnett County identify the liable party (or parties), can send a spoliation letter to truck companies to get evidence, and will build a case to establish negligence and recover damages.
Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycles have a reputation for being extremely dangerous. However, just because you choose to ride freely doesn’t mean that you should be punished. Unfortunately, motorcyclists tend to suffer more in traffic accidents than passenger car drivers…not just physically, but also financially. Come see how David Brauns can help you get the empathetic advice you need to get the insurance settlement and treatment your accident deserves.

Mass Transit
The operators of common carriers, such as buses and trains, have an elevated responsibility when it comes to ensuring the safety of Gwinnett County residents as one negligent action can lead to total devastation. If you or a loved one sustained serious or fatal injuries, Brauns Law can hold the negligent party liable and get you the compensation you deserve.
Workplace Injuries
Workers who become injured or develop an illness in the course of their employment have the right to file a workers' compensation claim. If a third party is to blame for the injury or illness, the worker may also be able to file a lawsuit against that part. Brauns Law will help sort out all legal options and take action to get the benefits and compensation for damages you deserve.
Medical Malpractice
Doctors must provide patients a certain standard of care. When they do not, patients may suffer injuries or the doctor's negligence might lead to a worsening illness. When this is the case, patients have the right to file a personal injury claim under Georgia law. David Brauns will go over the case with you and help you get the compensation you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.
Bicycling Accidents
Bicyclists are entitled to use the road, just as drivers. Those harmed in accidents caused by inattentive or negligent drivers can pursue a claim so they get the compensation they need to cover their medical bills, lost wages, and more. Brauns Law helps victims establish liability and defend against any allegations that the bicyclist is partially liable for the wreck.
Premises Liability
Property owners have an obligation under Georgia law to keep their property reasonably safe and free of hazards that could harm visitors. A property owner who fails to uphold this obligation can be liable for any accident that results. Brauns Law helps victims of these accidents in Gwinnett County prove liability, establish claim value, and address any defenses the defendant might use (e.g., claiming the victim was trespassing).
Dog Bites
If a dog bit you in Gwinnett County, you may be eligible to recover damages from the owner. You must establish the dog is vicious and the owner knew it and failed to properly manage the dog, or that the owner disobeyed a local leash law by allowing the dog to run at large or failed to properly manage the dog. Brauns Law can help you manage these cases and prove liability.
Fatal Accidents
Family members in Gwinnett County who lost a loved one because another party was negligent and caused an accident may have grounds to take legal action. Brauns Law can identify the damages you suffered so you get compensation for them in your settlement, and can help you prove negligence and liability.
Elder Abuse & Neglect

We place our loved ones in nursing homes with the hope that they will receive the care we are unable to give them. Sadly, that is not always the case. Sometimes our elderly loved ones suffer neglect and abuse at the hands of those we have tasked with their care. If your loved one experienced elder abuse or neglect in a Georgia nursing home, call David Brauns for help today.

Dangerous Products

If you sustained injuries while using a dangerous or defective product, you may be eligible to receive damages. Whether the defect occurred during design, manufacturing, packaging, or transport, David Brauns can help prove your injuries resulted from its use and get you the compensation you deserve to make you whole again.

Gwinnett County Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Future, Your Choice: Choosing a Gwinnett County Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Depend On

It’s an unfortunate reality that every time you get into a car, you risk getting into an accident. Although you may be the safest driver you know, you can’t predict how unsafe other drivers can and will be. Every year, more than two million people are injured in car accidents in the United States, and more than 30,000 of these injuries prove to be fatal. Georgia alone suffers approximately 1,000 traffic accident deaths every year.

In addition to the physical pain and suffering these accidents cause, they can also cause substantial harm to the injured person’s financial future as well. Medical bills, lost wages, long-term care, and a variety of other expenses can quickly add up in an already stressful situation.

Although you may not have the ability to avoid an accident on the road, you definitely have a choice to secure your family’s physical and financial future after an accident.

Guidance, Advice, and Compassion to Secure Your Collision Injury Needs

David Brauns has spent his entire career (and the majority of his life) working with insurance companies and traffic injury victims. Working on both sides of the issue—he spent several years defending personal injury cases for national insurance companies—has helped him gain invaluable knowledge, experience, and determination for justice.

In fact, he is so driven to ensure that you (and all of his clients) get the proper guidance, compassion, and advice you need, that he has combined all of his skills and insider knowledge to be able to represent you in a variety of traffic injury cases. The scope of his practice includes:

  • Car Wrecks. Although traffic injuries can result from any type of vehicle, the most common injuries result from car collisions and truck accidents; considering how the majority of vehicles on the road fall into these categories, it’s easy to see why. These types of accidents include rear-end, side, and frontal collisions, rollovers, pedestrian strikes, undercarriage crashes, etc., that cause minor to severe injuries.
  • Motorcycle Collisions. After a traffic accident, injuries to motorcycle riders are almost always more severe than those suffered by car or truck passengers. Since motorcyclists have very little protection, the injuries they sustain tend to be a lot more gruesome and require substantial treatment. However, David Brauns believes that just because your vehicle is inherently unprotected doesn’t mean your future should be.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents. About 300,000 drivers a day dangerously and irresponsibly get behind the wheel of a car after they have been drinking. As a result, a drunk driving accident occurs approximately every 52 minutes in the USA, injuring or killing more than 300,000 innocents a year. This is absolutely inexcusable. When someone else makes the choice to drink and drive, you shouldn’t have to pay the consequences. That’s why David Brauns will fight for you and your family to get the proper settlement you need and deserve for your injuries

More Reasons Why David Brauns Is a Lawyer You Can Depend On

At Brauns Law, PC, we take your injuries personally. We care too much about your future to just label your case as a number in a pile. We take pride in the fact that we’re a smaller firm, because it allows us to be more efficient and dedicated to each and every one of our clients. We know what you’ve been through and diligently work to not only help you get the compensation you need, but also the attention and service you deserve.

  • We take the time to get to know you and develop a friendly and trustworthy relationship with you and your family, in order to get a better understanding of your wants and needs.
  • We actively listen to hear what aspects of your claim are truly important to you and help set realistic expectations.
  • We educate you about every aspect of your case, including the claim process, your medical and treatment options, how to handle car damage issues, how to deal with medical expenses (with or without insurance), and how to build a successful claim.
  • David’s unique history with insurance companies gives him the advantage when dealing with insurance tricks and delays; he has the experience and know-how to move your case along as quickly as possible.
  • We fight until the end. When things get sluggish or difficult David will not hold back. He knows the importance of every settlement and won’t allow yours to be discarded or left behind.
  • Your community is our community—we serve a wide range of areas around Atlanta, including:

Gwinnett County

Suffering from a tragic and painful traffic accident can uproot your and your family’s lives. As a victim, your suffering doesn’t stop once the crash ends—it can last years and years. Thankfully, you don’t have to be the victim any longer and allow someone else’s mistake to jeopardize your future. You have options!

Call us today at 404-418-8244 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment. Remember, you didn’t choose to be injured, but you can choose to get the representation you deserve. Let us help make sure you get the advice and justice you need to secure your future. Call now!

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