How Compensation Is Determined For A Herniated Disc Resulting From A Car Accident

The discs in your back help protect your spinal column by absorbing the shocks of everyday life. These discs are made up of two layers, with a soft middle and hard exterior. An impact, such as a car accident, can cause the soft middle to rupture, called a herniated disc. Common symptoms of a herniated disc from a car accident are severe back pain and numbness in the arms and legs. 

How do car accidents cause herniated discs?

A herniated disc can result from a head-on or T-bone collision; however, it is more likely to result from a rear-end accident as the impact may place a lot of pressure on the spine.

What costs can I expect from treatment?

Herniated disc surgery can be very costly, even with insurance. For people who do not have health insurance, this surgery can cost between $20,000 and $50,000. Your provider usually covers this cost if you have insurance, but there is still an out-of-pocket expense between 10 and 40 percent of the cost of the procedure, up to your yearly out-of-pocket maximum, according to

Unfortunately, surgery costs can be just the beginning. There are also additional medical costs to consider and the likelihood of lost wages and diminished earning capacity.

Additional Medical Costs

In addition to the costs associated with surgery, you may also need one or more of the following:

  • Back brace which can cost at least $200
  • Physical Therapy which can range from  $50 to $100 per session
  • Pain Medications

You may also need a second surgery, which can cost just as much as the first.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are a direct consequence of a herniated disc injury. Prior to surgery, herniated disc pain can be so severe that people often find it difficult to work. Herniated discs can make you uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time, and normal amounts of walking may become difficult, causing you to call out of work when the pain is severe. You may also need to take off work to attend doctor’s appointments and chiropractic adjustments.

After herniated disc surgery, the recovery time can range anywhere from two to six weeks. Missing work in this instance will be a necessity to heal properly. Even after recovery, people who suffered from a herniated disc may still experience pain, and have the same difficulties sitting and walking.

In the long run, you may be unable to perform the same job you had prior to your injury, resulting in a lower earning capacity.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a herniated disc injury due to a car accident, call a car accident attorney from Brauns Law for help filing an injury claim.

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