Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

We get your life back faster by helping with car issues.

Getting medical treatment and getting around without a car are usually the two biggest concerns of our clients. We help with both.

Unlike others, we help clients with property damage!

Many Atlanta injury law firms refuse to help clients with their car. They say “Sorry, we do personal injury only.” Not us. We help our clients with rental cars, getting their cars repaired, or getting the fair market value for cars that are getting totaled out. We don’t charge anything extra for this service. We know how disruptive a car accident can be by itself. You shouldn’t have to figure out the process and talk to adjusters. You need to concentrate on getting better, taking care of your family, and making it back to work. We take all that extra stress of your plate so you can concentrate on those things.

Tired of adjusters. Hire us so you can say “Call my lawyer.”

We know how the insurance companies operate. David used to work for them and saw it all first hand. You deserve to be taken seriously. What you don’t deserve is an insurance company that advertises they will take care of you (to get premiums) and then try to take advantage of you after an accident.

Once you hire us, you get to say: “Call my lawyer.” The insurance company will immediately know the situation has changed. Don’t rely on the insurance company to do the right thing. Instead, let us demand they do the right thing.

Call us ASAP to get started.

Things are moving very quickly right after an accident. Call us at (404) 418-8244 or fill out a free online consultation form today. Then, tell us about your situation, and find out how we can help get your life back to normal. David will review your case for free. With satellite offices available all over Atlanta, we are your Georgia lawyer. Don’t delay. Call us today!