Were You Injured in a Car Accident? You May Be Entitled to Compensation


Were you involved in a car accident? Don't let the stress of a totaled car and expensive hospital bills drive you crazy and make you broke. When the insurance company only offers you a small sum, but your medical bills are huge, you need help from an experienced attorney. Brauns Law takes bad insurance offers and turns them into 6 and 7 figure settlements.

If you've been hurt in a car wreck, you need a law firm that can give you the help you need right now. You need a lawyer who stands up to the insurance company for all the money you deserve. Attorney David Brauns takes low insurance offers and turns them into big settlements. Don't trust the insurance company to pay what you deserve. Let Brauns Law fight for you.

Our No Fee Guarantee®No Fee Guarantee

If you've been injured, we will win your case or you pay us nothing. That's our No Fee Guarantee®. If you were hurt in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be getting slammed with medical bills. Before the insurance company even thinks about pushing you around, get help from attorney David Brauns. When you need a law firm that knows how to turn a tough case into a big win. With our No Fee Guarantee®, you don't pay us anything unless we win your case.

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Meet Attorney David Brauns Attorney David Brauns

David Brauns is the founding partner of Brauns Law, PC. He began his legal career as an insurance defense attorney where he learned how insurance companies think and evaluate claims. He leveraged that insider’s knowledge and built a successful and powerful plaintiff’s practice.

Attorney David Brauns and the entire Brauns Law office is committed to customer service, transparency, and collaboration which sets the practice apart from the majority of personal injury firms in Atlanta. Brauns Law only represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases. We are devoted to helping injured residents in the Atlanta area recover fair compensation for their damages.

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